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Authentic Azabache Baby Cuff Bracelet

Authentic Azabache Baby Cuff Bracelet

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In many cultures, parents adorn their young children with the azabache to protect them from harm. One society that holds a strong belief in the protection of the azabache charm is the people of Cuba. The azabache charm protects Cuban babies from the evil eye, jealousy, and more. To protect a child from the evil spirits, simply take the azabache charm and either place it on the baby as a bracelet or pin it to their clothing. Most of the azabache charms are worn by babies, but there are some people who continue to wear them into adulthood, believing they offer them protection from evil.


Material:          .925 Sterling Silver

Color:                 Silver

Weight:            4 - 4.5g

Width:               45mm

Height:              39mm

Stone:               Azabache (Authentic)

Status:        Made by order (Handmade)

All jewelry has been enlarged to show beauty of detail.