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Jesus Face Push Back Earrings

Jesus Face Push Back Earrings

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Note: 2 pieces (One face is looking to the left, and the other is looking to the right)

Material:          14k Gold

Color:               Two-Tone Gold

Weight:            1.1g

Width:             8mm

Height:            10mm

Catalog #:       ER1327

All jewelry has been enlarged to show beauty of detail.

Prayer to Jesus

Look on me, Lord Jesus Christ,
as you looked on the thief on his cross
and on every sinner
whom you have ever forgiven.

Look on me, merciful Lord,
as you looked on your mother, Mary,
standing in sorrow beneath your cross.
Let me feel in my heart her compassion for you,
and let my eyes weep for the sorrows
my sins have caused.

Call me from darkness
to my Father’s house,
give me a new heart
and a place at your side
at the banquet of your kingdom. Amen.