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Orisha Ochosi Bow Bracelet / Saint Norbert

Orisha Ochosi Bow Bracelet / Saint Norbert

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Note: Product is as unique as Handmade items can be.


Material: .925 Sterling Silver

Color: Blue and Amber

Beads Size: 2mm

Size:  6" Long 7" Long - 8" Long - 9" Long

Lock: Lobster Lock

Status: Made by order

Catalog #: Ochosi

All jewelry has been enlarged to show beauty of detail.

Saint: Saint Norbert
Colors: Blue and amber
Number: 3, 7
Description: Ochosi is the divine hunter whose arrow never misses its mark. He stalks silently through the forest hunting his pray. He is the force of blind justice that is applied equally to all. He is best friends with Eleggua and Ogun and is often found hunting with them.