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Orisha Orunla Spiritual Bracelet

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Note: Product is as unique as Handmade items can be.


Material: .925 Sterling Silver

Color:      Green and Yellow

Beads Size:    2mm

Size:          7" Long - 8" Long - 9" Long

Lock:        Lobster Lock

Status:       Made by order

Catalog #:    Orula    

All jewelry has been enlarged to show beauty of detail.

Orisha: Orunmila (Orunla, Orula)
Saint: Saint Francis of Assisi
Colors: Yellow and green (or brown and green)
Number: 16
Description: Orunmila is the Orisha of divination and the patron of the Ifá sect. He along with Elegguá witnessed all of destiny unfold and therefore can be consulted to know where a person’s fate is headed. He developed the oracles of Ifá: the ikines (palm nuts) and the okuele (diviner’s chain). His priests are known as Babalawos and function exclusively as diviners. They do not ordain people into the mysteries of orishas other than Orunmila. He is depicted as a wizened black man with graying hair, dressed in traditional African garb carrying his wooden diviner’s tray.